Does every decision your office makes revolve around what-ifs? Are you afraid of encouraging change at your dental practice?

It is vital to have a vision and share it, and on Wednesday, October 28, Dental Coaches Kay Huff and Linda Anderson will help all dental team members get started.

Register by Tuesday, October 27 for their live interactive course “Are You Busy or Are You Productive?” presented by the Kentucky Dental Association and sponsored by Benco Dental and CareCredit.
To register, contact Janet Glover at 502-489-9121 or

Details about Wednesday’s course

  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020
    7 to 9 p.m. EDT (Zoom Presentation)
  • Two Continuing Education Hours
  • Fees: Dentist – $50.00
  • Non-Member Dentist – $150.00
  • Hygienist – $35.00
  • Team – $75.00* (For KDA members, only)
    *Team Price includes – one KDA member dentist, one hygienist and two additional team members. Please list names and email addresses of all participants.

Implementing new systems is like taking a leap… you can’t make the jump without a high performing team.

On Wednesday, you can learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities for team members to increase interoffice communication and empower growth.
  • Run successful team meetings
  • Create a communication board
  • Improve morning huddles
  • Summarize what it takes to have a successful re-care system.
  • Establish a follow-up system for re-care success.
  • Design steps to reduce cancellations and no shows
  • Control downtime

What will Kay Huff and Linda Andersen discuss?

  • The power of words
  • Five Cs of trust
  • A healthy hygiene program equals a healthy practice!

‘It’s OK to ask your patients for money and get paid.’

During Wednesday’s live interactive course, Kay and Linda will ask “What’s the bottom line?” and help you implement systems to fill the holes and increase practice profitability. Also, they’ll suggest ideas on how to stop letting your patients control your practice.

You can make it happen at your practice. Take it from these experts.

Kay Huff, RDA, Benco Dental Director of Dental Coaching

Kay Huff, RDA, began her career in dentistry as an assistant in 1981. With great determination, Kay gained knowledge and experience as she worked her way to the front office team. She defined herself as being a true team player in positions of Treatment Coordinator and Office Manager, always doing whatever it took each day to make a difference in her practice.

Over 35 years ago, Kay began helping teams as a Dental Practice Coach, and she proudly has been the driving force for hundreds of practices to reach and exceed their professional goals. Kay is passionate about her work and carries a strong background in dental business systems, team motivation, leadership, and practice profitability.

As Director of Coaching at Benco Dental, Kay fills her programs with plenty of laughs and tangible practice management tools they can take directly back to their practice and apply immediately. She is a Certified Consultant in Employment Law Compliance with Bent Ericksen & Associates, as well as a board member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and a member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM).

Additionally, Kay received first place in the Spotlight On Speaking Competition at the 2016 Speaking Consulting Network conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Linda Anderson, Adult Ed. CTP

Linda Anderson, Adult Ed. CTP loves results! She realizes that to be a successful leader you must understand the impact of change on a team. Change has been a constant in Linda’s career.

Linda gained experience through developing her roles within the practice of dentistry. Her extensive knowledge comes from continuing education and then work as a practice management coach, serving dentists across North America.

As a coach, Linda recognizes talent, skills and knowledge in people. She is the go-to person when defining roles and skills in the areas of managing downtime, case presentation, accounts receivables, scheduling and much more. Linda’s clients achieve their vision and gain financial returns on their investment. She facilitates workshops on the business of dentistry and has been the instructor of the Dental Practice Management Certificate course at the University of Toronto Dental School department of Continuing education.

Linda has completed many courses in leadership; mediation, case presentation and has a Certificate in Adult Education through Saint Francis Xavier University. She is also a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. Linda achieved the designation of Certified Training Practitioner from the Institute of Performance and Learning and was certified in the KOLBE assessment of unique ability.

Having a network for dental administrators and managers has been a lifelong dream and is important to Linda. Dental administrators and managers need the opportunities of training and education to fulfill and be the best they can be in an ever-changing world of dentistry.

Don’t forget to register by October 27!

Register by Tuesday, October 27 for their live interactive course “Are You Busy or Are You Productive?” presented by the Kentucky Dental Association and sponsored by Benco Dental and CareCredit.
To register, contact Janet Glover at 502-489-9121 or