Insurance can be an overwhelmingly complex topic.

Benco Dental Director of Coaching Kay Huff, simplifies the process for dental practices in four steps.

Benco Dental Director of Coaching Kay Huff

Huff’s “Piecing Together Your Insurance Puzzle” article, featured in a guest column on the DOCS Education Incisor blog, emphasizes the importance of staying on top of technology, fees, follow-ups, and your practice team.

“While adopting technology into your practice has a definite learning curve, you will quickly see the benefit of time (and frustration) saved from staff using electronic methods to complete tasks. Since most insurance companies provide online patient portals and supporting software, your team should become adept at utilizing these portals to submit attachments and verify benefits electronically rather than faxing and calling to complete such tasks which can be overly time consuming. If additional software training is needed, this is one investment worthy of doing so. “

Kay Huff, Director of Coaching for Benco Dental

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