Free Live Event with Journey and Miss Colombia 2014!

Teaching the World to Breathe Again

A star-studded lineup of singers, athletes, celebrity doctors, and researchers have committed to join the live Global Airway Health Day event hosted by the Foundation for Airway Health on October 2nd. The free 12-hour Breathe-a-thon hosted on Facebook Live will bring awareness to educate and promote the diagnosis of hidden airway disorder that affects millions worldwide.

Established in 2012, the Foundation for Airway Health is dedicated to “raising awareness with the general public and the healthcare industry.” Airway-Centered Disorder (ACD) affects the victim 24 hours a day but is often labeled as chronic health, developmental, educational, and performance issues. This misdiagnosis can lead to breathing difficulties, especially during sleep.

The foundation’s October 2nd event will “highlight the role of the airway in overall health and well-being for all and educate clinicians to recognize the role and importance of optimal airway physiology and sleep.” Explore the free online resources the Foundation for Airway Health offers and join Dr. Sandra Lee (AKA Dr. Pimple Popper) and Journey’s Arnel Pineda next week to better understand the effects of Airway-Centered Disorder and how you can help combat this issue.

No doctorate or prior knowledge of Airway-Centered Disorder is necessary to participate in this eye-opening event.

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