She hates the term “expert,” yet there’s no other way to categorize Laurie Owens, CPB, CPC . With over 18 years of experience as a medical biller, she understands how to teach dental practices the proper techniques for billing medical insurance—and getting claims paid. 

Owens believes that patients should be able to use their medical insurance as it should be used: for medically necessary procedures due to oral systemic conditions. She literally helps untie dentists’ hands, so you can start doing the procedures your patients need and actually get compensated for them. (That would be nice for a change, right?)

Why should you attend her two-part seminar starting Friday, July 17?

“Dentists are skittish about billing, and lose out on tons of money annually because of incorrect billings,” Owens said. “Dentists are afraid to even bill a full bone graft fee. If you bill your implant dental, you write off $2,000 and your allowable is $1,500.” In her workshop, she will teach dentists how to properly shift fees to write off only $100, all while keeping the patients’ fee the same. 

Dentists everywhere can benefit from even a fraction of Laurie Owens’ knowledge on the subject. Fortunately, Benco is hosting a two-part workshop with her as part of our “Dentistry 2020 & Beyond” series. Here are the deets:

How she became a medical billing guru

Owens says she tried out various roles in healthcare before discovering her passion for helping dentists bill smarter and more successfully while delivering more complete patient care. Through on-site training, medical billing for dentistry courses, follow-up consulting, along with Seattle Study Club, ACT Dental, and AADOM lectures, she has been assisting dental practices in successfully billing medical insurance to collect benefits that would have otherwise been unclaimed. 

Walks it like she talks it

“I don’t want people to think that I teach something that I won’t do. I have an office in Florida. I have an office in Washington state. I have an office in Texas. I’m billing for offices around the country.” Her practices give her a significant advantage and edge when educating others. Because she never completely left the field of actual day-to-day billing, Owens understands what goes in and out of offices today. “People need to know that not only am I teaching you how to bill, but I am also a biller.”

“I learned things the hard way. Things that took me years to learn, I am going to be sharing them with dentists in a matter of hours in my workshop.”

Her two-part workshop will take place in two parts, July 17th and July 23th. You must complete both parts to receive 4 CE credits.

For $125, this workshop pays for itself­—and then some—after just one successfully billed procedure. To purchase your electronic ticket, click here.