Blooming flowers, chirping birds, magical light cure composites — what else would you expect with the arrival of spring? When aiming to incorporate fresh ideas into your dental practice in the form of innovation, the nation’s largest family-owned dental distributor strives to make it simple to stay up to date with the latest equipment and technology.

With a commitment to #drivingdentistryforward, Benco Dental presents the newest and coolest technology doctors need in the form of its #6NeatThings promotion.

Activa Presto by Pulpdent offers nature’s magic within a light cure composite.

A universal, stackable, light cure composite, Activa Presto absorbs stress, resists wear, repels fractures and averts chips. It releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride, and is indicated for all classes of cavities.

Magic arrives in the form of patented resins and a realistic presentation. Once it’s cured and polished, the composite holds its shape. Mineral enriched and moisture friendly, Activa Presto delivers an ionic release/recharge of what teeth need: calcium, phosphate and fluoride.

Activa Presto by Pulpdent

Benefits from the Activa Presto include:

  • Ease of placement with 1.2mL syringes.
  • Versatility; a universal composite for all classes of cavities.
  • Penetration and integration with tooth structure for margin-free adaptation to teeth.

To learn more about the Activa Presto click here.

Easy Denture offers solutions in just five minutes.

Invented by Dr. Misael Otero with patients in mind, the patented, heat moldable denture can be fitted, and refitted by people at home in just five minutes.
The universal-fit boil-and-bite apparatus is created with a multi-layered design, made from the patented Nuovoflex material. The teeth and gum base layers provide a rigid skeleton – very similar to standard dentures. The upper layer of the denture consists of the Nuovoflex Stretch material, which is similar to soft reline and comprises the soft, moldable part of the denture.

Easy Denture

Benefits of the Easy Denture include:

  • Available in multiple sizes including small/medium, and medium/large.
  • Covered by most insurance companies.
  • Offers a 30-day warranty.
  • Able to be remolded up to 20 times in order to achieve the best fit for each patient.

Easy Denture is only available through Benco. For more information regarding the Easy Denture click here.

The PenBlade by Tidi is the first scalpel to offer safety without compromise at the practice.

A new generation safety scalpel, PenBlade by Tidi is a self-retracting and designed for a doctor’s use. 

Utilizing an ergonomic grip and a high-quality scalpel blade, PenBlade makes precise surgical incisions with minimal effort. The safety mechanism is activated without changing the grip, creating a truly safe solution.

PenBlade by Tidi

The benefits of using the PenBlade include:

  • Self-retracting blade.
  • One-hand activation.
  • A front release button that can be activated without looking, which allows clinicians to maintain focus on the patient.

For more information about the PenBlade click here.

Cut through the latest in high-strength ceramics with the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by DentalEZ.

The Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece offers the elegance of air with the authority of electric. Its RFID technology can unlock new options for complete practice interconnectivity.

Add space within your practice by using the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece for all procedures.

Aeras 500 Elite Hand-piece by DentalEZ

Benefits from using the Aeras 500 Elite Hand-piece include:

  • Modern form that allows patient comfort and posterior access.
  • Maintenance control with in-office turbine replacements.
  • Lube-free technology.
  • Multi-port spray which keeps the bur cool while whisking away debris.

For more information about the Aeras 500 Elite Hand-piece by DentalEZ click here.

Aeras Ramvac by DentalEZ: A compressor that finally communicates with your devices.

DentalEZ’s new Aeras compressor is a connected device that allows complete monitoring of critical parts and systems, as well as remote control of its operation.

The Aeras Ramvac allows you to schedule when your equipment powers off and on, while also sending direct notifications to your device when maintenance is required.

Aeras Ramvac Compressor by DentalEZ

Benefits of using the Aeras Ramvac Compressor include:

  • Dual desiccant dryer technology that prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • A rocking piston design that cuts the ambient compressor noise, while doubling the life of the compression rings.
  • A high- pressure option perfect for practices that run a milling machine.

To learn more about the Aeras Ramvac Compressor by DentalEZ click here.

Floss effortlessly at home or on the go with Jetfloss Go by Benco Brands.

The PRO-SYS JetFloss GO is your solution to flossing, whether at home or while traveling.  This portable, handheld IPX7 waterproof design is equipped with five tips, a USB cord for charging and a convenient travel bag.

The JetFloss Go comes with two jet tips, one orthodontic tip, one periodontal tip, and one tongue cleaner.

The JetFloss Go by Benco Brands

Benefits of the the JetFloss Go include:

  • Three pressure settings.
  • Lithium battery that lasts up to 10-15 days when fully charged.
  • 360-degree tip that allows you to easily clean difficult-to-reach areas.

For more information about the JetFloss Go by Benco Brands click here.