Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, Stacey Levine AND their sons, Julian and Cody (shown) —with an assist from rocker Lenny Kravitz (shown) —bring free dental care and education to the Bahamas.

Giving back was always in GLO Science’s DNA. Founded seven years ago by inventor, professor and prosthodontist Dr. Jonathan Levine and his wife, Stacey, the company burst out of the gate with dental health and technology products that won consumer admiration and four Edison Awards. The couple launched the GLO Good Foundation around the same time, dedicating a portion of the business’s profits to philanthropy.

Ed Kobesky, Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine Associate Editor

In the magazine’s summer editions, Kobesky interviews Stacey Levine and Grammy Award-winning musician Kravitz about the foundation’s work in Eleuthera, including a small clinic they launched in 2015 to deliver community health and dental care. 

Giving back Twice

Julian and Cody partnered with Kravitz to create Twice, a new-age oral-care brand making better-for-you toothpaste for morning and night. Twice donated 700 tubes of toothpaste for the most recent Bahamas mission; 10 percent of profits go to the GLO Good Foundation.

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