Later this year, Chicago will host the 7th annual Lucy Hobbs Celebration gala, a tribute to women in dentistry (find out this year’s winners here !). The whole big-shouldered city is gala, of course—and tackling it like a local will make your time there even better.

Carrie Schedler is the senior dining editor for Chicago magazine. Her first piece for Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine focuses on eating like a local there and visiting every attraction the city has to offer.

YOU MAY THINK you know Chicago: the bone-cutting cold, the carbohydrate-and-cheese behemoth we call pizza, Da Bears. And though we’ve heard every deep-dish insult you could possibly lob our way, you’re not wrong. But there’s so much more to love in the Midwest’s largest city: gorgeous architecture, verdant parks, sparkling lake views and world-class food.

Chicago is a place that can feel like both a global destination and a small town all in the span of just a few blocks. It’s little wonder the annual Lucy Hobbs Celebration is being held here this October—every attendee of this extravaganza, which lauds the achievements of women in dentistry, will find something worth discovering. (Even, dare we say it, exceptional thin-crust pies.)

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