The Edison Awards for innovation will be celebrated in New York, April 4, 2019. At Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine, Edison Award nominees in the dental category are being celebrated right now.

“…every spring’s revelation of the year’s Edison Awards nominees blows in like a cool, cleansing April breeze. If dentistry is to continue to make great strides, as surely it will, we’ll thank those dedicated strivers who engage in the sort of trial and error that, now and again, brings a groundbreaking new product or treatment to market,” says Incisal Edge contributor Mellanie Perez in the publication’s spring issue.

Among the 12 nominees (Valumax International, Zirc Dental Products, Carestream Dental, KavoKerr, Align Technology, Sonendo, Pierrel Pharma, Mouth Vitamins (invented Dr. Gupreet Khurana, shown above on the magazine’s cover with his canine sidekick Apollo) Dentsply Sirona, SDI North America and Smile Stations featured within the article: Dr. Amos Yahav, 59, inventor of Bond Apatite and CEO of Augma Biomaterials USA.

Just as concrete changed construction and bone cements changed orthopedics, Dr. Amos Yahav, CEO of Augma Biomaterials, understood the need for good bone cement to help change dentistry. He ended up devising Bond Apatite, a revolutionary composite bone-graft cement intended to restore and rebuild maxillofacial bone defects and deficiencies by regenerating patients’ own bone in a minimally intrusive manner that allows for faster healing. The moldable cement is injected and hardens in situ—all in less than a minute instead of 10 to 20 minutes, as with conventional bone grafting.”

Watch for an exclusive Q&A with Dr. Yahav on Monday at where his discusses the secret ingredient that fueled his 15-year development process.

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