Dr. Vaibhavi Patel put her trust in her creative team (which included her husband) as it designed and built her new practice in southern Virginia. Good call.

When VSP Dental president Dr. Vaibhavi S. Patel decided that to secure a viable future for her Danville, Virginia, practice she needed to move out of her increasingly cramped digs, she wasn’t quite prepared for the design grandeur that would come to define the new space: bold colors, a one-story hanging garden, bountiful natural light . . . and 21 operatories.


Her husband, Sid Patel, is a design engineer and VSP vice president. The doctor credits him with the larger-than-life elements in evidence at every turn in the glittering new facility. “I did not imagine all this,” she says. “I don’t have 3D vision. Sid can picture it better.”

Herman Miller brings rave reviews

Design aspects that routinely draw raves are VSP’s two-story atrium, brilliantly hued Herman Miller furnishings and, naturally, that living wall of hardy flora.

“We love the waiting area,” the doctor says. “It’s beautiful, and most importantly, our patients love it.”

Having faith in her creative partners—Benco Dental interior designer Amanda Griffith chief among them, and of course her husband, who assisted in the installation of the hanging garden—helped bring this sparkling practice to fruition.

“I’m proud of the project,” Dr. Patel says. “It’s an awesome investment—that’s what I always think about. A lot of people say it’s huge, but I say it’s beautiful. The space has really helped us. I can do more now.”

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