Dentistry could always use a little Broadway-style magic—so give ’em the old razzle-dazzle by shining a spotlight on COCO Lux.

Designed and manufactured by the South Korean company HASS, COCO Lux is a big leap for dental photography. It’s compatible with any mobile device and uses both natural and LED lighting for the most accurate tooth-shade and overall color determinations.

Just 55 to 89 millimeters wide, it’ll fit perfectly on a smartphone—no need to use those heavy, burdensome DSLR packages anymore.

COCO Lux supports twin flash mode (suggested for shade taking and anterior teeth) and “ring flash” mode (for photography and posterior teeth). It’s great for shade comparisons, clinical case pictures, model work and even videos, too.

Keep it up and they’ll have to change the Great White Way to the Pearly White Way before the curtain comes down.

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