Ten-year associate at nation’s largest privately-owned dental distributor delivers smiles to PA students

If entering an elementary school clad in a crown and wings doesn’t guarantee that students will offer their undivided attention, then not much will.

Last month during a visit to two of Dan Flood Elementary School’s autistic support classrooms in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Tooth Fairy Pat tested that theory with sparkling success. Known at the Benco Dental home office as Tooth Customer Service Specialist Pat Motyka, the Larksville resident spent a week designing fairy couture and preparing plans for her inaugural school visit.

The 10-year Benco Dental associate earned a warm reception.

“Initially, the kids were really excited just seeing how magical she looked,” said Sarah Reedy, kindergarten and first grade autistic support teacher. “Then they loved getting a turn to brush the doll’s teeth,” said Reedy referencing a plush toy puppy with oversized teeth that Tooth Fairy Pat used to demonstrate proper toothbrush technique.


Benco Dental Tooth Fairy Pat Motyka teaches Dan Flood Elementary School student Chloe Morgan proper toothbrush technique with the help of a plush dental pup. In October, Motyka visited to two of Dan Flood Elementary School’s autistic support classrooms in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (Benco Dental/Jimmy Musto)

Reedy’s students, along with second through fourth graders in Dora Sims’ classroom, took a shine to Tooth Fairy Pat, who read stories to the children while they worked on dental inspired coloring sheets she distributed.

“My favorite part was interacting with the children.  It was an experience I will never forget,” said Motyka.

Although the Tooth Fairy usually delivers surprises to children in return for their baby teeth, Tooth Fairy Pat presented treats with no strings attached: a take-home package for each student complete with a dental kit, stickers and other surprises.

“You would never know it’s her first time as a Tooth Fairy,” said Reedy, of Motyka’s inaugural exhibition. “She did a great job.”