Nowadays, a successful, growing dental office depends on many more factors than in the past. It’s not surprising that in such a competitive environment, Dental Offices are required to put extra efforts in their marketing strategies just to stand out.

Besides establishing effective communication with patients, a branded signage solution is the most effective and cost-effective form of advertisement to get exposure for your office and attract patients.

Some important thoughts on why you should invest in custom signage:

  1. Increase in brand exposure: adding signage that ties your brand logo and/or colors can help reinforce your brand and remind patients of your services even when they are somewhere else.
  2. Differentiation: Make your dental practice unique from the dental office down the street- the use of a custom logo, fun branding color or unique font can make you stand out from the rest.
  3. Cost effectiveness: Once you make the initial investment, signage will require almost no up keep to help advertise your practice 24/7, 365 day of the year.
  4. Reduction of anxiety: Many patients are already experiencing an enhanced state of anxiety over any procedure that may take place, adding way-finding or room locations can feel more certainty in finding their way to their intended destination.
  5. First impressions: You only get one chance to make the positive impression- adding room location tags, way-finding for larger practices and having your logo in places that will be a constant reminder of what your bring to the services provided.

These easy to implement, yet effective healthcare signages practices can elevate the patient experience  to new levels. The attention to detail can create a powerful branding statement and express your attention to your patients as well.

Members of the CenterPoint team at the Benco Dental home office review signage options with Ed Ingram, Vice President, Larry Ingram & Associates, Takeform Representative. (Photo/Donna Shrader)