1. Have you ever felt as though your team is constantly working hard daily, treating a large number of patients, but at the end of the day feeling worn-out and exhausted with little production to show?

2.  Have you recommended treatment for your patients only to find it got “lost in translation” and the patient left without scheduling?

3. Is your hygiene department building your practice?

A 45-minute webinar taking place this Friday from noon to 12:45 p.m EST, Dental Technology 2.0: Bridging the Gap from Front to Back, can make a difference.


Kay Huff, Director of Coaching at Benco Dental

Featuring Kay Huff, Director of Coaching at Benco Dental and Dona Schulz, RDH, BS, MBA, Clinical Coach and Technology Trainer at Benco Dental, this live webinar is an abbreviated version of the full session that will be presented in November at Carestream Dental’s 2018 Global Oral Health Summit. 

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What knowledge can you expect to gain Friday?

Dona Schulz and Kay Huff will teach you how to use technology to increase team synergy, optimize production and increase patient flow,


Dona Schulz, RDH, BS, MBA

satisfaction and retention.

·        Identify why incorporating dental technology is an integral part of practice growth and sustainability

·        Learn how to use technology as a communication platform to build a bridge internally between the clinical and administrative teams

Learn more: https://csdental.learn.taleo.net/learncenter.asp?id=178411&DCT=1&sessionid=3-BF598CFD-61ED-4587-BFD8-FA498B17A88B&page=309