National Survey Reveals Online Marketing Trends of Dental Practices

ProSites, a leading provider of dental website design and online marketing solutions, announced findings from its second annual Dental Marketing Pulse report survey that uncovers marketing trends, objectives, and strategies of dental practices. This survey gathered unique insight from over 400 dental professionals across the United States.

The report revealed both parallels and differences to a similar survey conducted in 2016. For example, the 2018 study revealed that dental practices are spending less per month on marketing compared to 2016, however practices also reported to be less busy than usual over the past year. This new finding may indicate a correlation between the amount of marketing and overall busyness and profitability of a practice.

Screenshot 2018-05-21 15.25.44.pngKey findings additionally suggest that dental practices who reach out most to patients via digital media and an array of communication channels are busiest or generate the highest revenue.

The study further identified a slight disconnect between dental office practices and patient preferences, revealing that most offices primarily utilize phone calls to communicate with patients, though patients have been sited to prefer reminders via text or email.

“It’s important for us to conduct these types of studies to help dentists achieve a stronger understanding of what their colleagues and competitors are doing to market themselves. It also allows us to better identify how we can tailor our services to create the optimum experience for both dentists and their patients,” stated Ken Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer at ProSites.

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