Herman Miller’s award-winning inspiring designs, inventive technologies and strategic services help people do great things and inspire organizations to perform at their best. As part of its strength in the furnishing and design arena, Herman Miller often seeks to purchase companies outside of its realm and grow its brand, one being Design Within Reach.

Ambitious Advancements

Founded in 1998, Design Within Reach piqued the interest of many with its mission to make the best in modern design readily available to the public.

Herman Miller reached out to DWR in the summer of 2014 to invite them to become a part of Herman Miller’s family of brands.



Brian Walker, Herman Miller’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “The addition of DWR is a transformational step forward in realizing our strategy for diversified growth and establishing Herman Miller as a premier lifestyle brand, helping people create inspiring places where they work, live, heal and learn. This combination expands our reach in the higher margin consumer sector and we have identified multiple points of strategic leverage that will benefit our other segments and operations, as well as DWR’s own growth plans.”

A Curated Line

“DWR, which offers a lot of different price grades, can really fit almost any budget, ” says Mandy Welman, Interior Designer with CenterPoint Design at Benco Dental.

Although the DWR line offers a broad reach of products, some offerings are tailored specifically to the healthcare and commercial environment, which will in turn fit into many modern dental offices.


Photo courtesy Herman Miller

A Stylistic Statement Piece

One furniture piece in particular — the stool — presents an innovative offering to the dental community from DWR.

stool 2

Coming in a variety of styles with a range of price points, stools are changing the furniture game.

A few places they could be incorporated? Lobby spaces, staff lounges, computer stations and education centers.

“Stools are a great way to solve a small space dilemma,” says Welman.

stool 1

Photo courtesy DWR

A New Look

Picture a dental office reception area: chairs lined up against the wall, providing the traditional clinical look. Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Design team aims to incorporate DWR’s product line to create office spaces with a look that make people feel more at home.

Emeco-Navy Chair

Photo courtesy DWR

Unlike a home, though, an office space requires wear and tear from its furniture, which is why this curated line is warrantied to last.

“Almost all of these pieces are coming from respected designers, which gives CenterPoint Design and Benco Dental access to designs that might be proprietary for other vendors,” Welman says.

Frag-Bak bench-table

DWR Frag-Bak bench and table.

Welman describes DWR’s style. “The structure of it is very in-line. You can see the curve work. Some chairs look like they are from the 1950s. It’s a totally different look,” she says.

“While the public can order directly from DWR, the discount available through a Benco purchase would be considerable,” says Welman.

Check out the product line here.