Microsoft recently interviewed Mike Burns, VP Information Technology and Keith Budurka, Director of Infrastructure and Operations at Benco Dental.

Among their topics of discussion: how the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor uses #MicrosoftTeams to tame communications overload for its 1500+ associates, including 60% who work in the field doing sales and service work and 40% who work at headquarters, running back-office, customer service, and warehouse operations .

“Employees can work in Teams all day to do their jobs. It is the place where we collaborate, chat, share files, do a video call, everything. … It’s really a fantastic product and what we’ve been waiting for,” Mike Burns told Microsoft in an article that spotlights Benco as a customer success story.

In the feature, Microsoft delves into how in “using Teams and other Microsoft 365 offerings such as Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Benco delivers highly secure, super-efficient communication, which improves productivity and effectiveness companywide.”

Does your dental practice/company aim to:

  • improve problem-solving velocity,
  • enhance mobile productivity,
  • discover relevant information faster with intelligent search capabilities or
  • lock down data with better, simplified security?

Find out how Benco Dental was able to accomplish these goals, among others, with help from Microsoft 365: