If you’re looking to do something sweet this Valentine’s Day (and keep the love flowing through February 16), we have an idea.

Powered by Benco Dental, The Lucy Hobbs Project is excited to partner with the Keep A Breast Foundation™, a non-profit organization that uses art and educational programs to raise awareness of practices of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Their mission: to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.

The foundation was launched in 1999, when KAB Founder Shaney jo Darden and her friend, Mona, learned their young friend and artist, Margaret Kilgallen, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The two women were committed to raising awareness in support of her, but nothing resonated with the creative energy of their community. They decided to stick with a model of bringing people together through progressive art according the KeepABreast.org.

The result was Keep A Breast™, a unique art concept developed by Shaney jo and Mona to capture and communicate the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer. The result was a series of customized breast casts.

In 2000, the first breast casts were officially showcased in an exhibition called Keep A Breast, which featured casts of pro female snowboarders, painted by artists such as Shepard Fairey and Ed Templeton. This signaled a shift toward an arts-oriented breast cancer awareness organization with a new mantra: Art. Education. Awareness. Action.

For the next few years, Keep A Breast shows were organized across the U.S. and throughout Europe, with growing participation by celebrity castees and artists. The first breast casts were auctioned in 2002, with proceeds directed to breast cancer charities. The success of these art benefits, highlighted by artists emerging from the skateboarding, music and action sports scenes, put breast cancer awareness on the map for a younger generation, according to the organization’s website.

Despite generating new awareness, Shaney jo realized breast cancer education and support were not reaching younger audiences. In response, she developed a series of educational programs that attempted to reach youth “in their comfort zones.” This was the origin of a series of unique, interactive teaching efforts including the Traveling Education Booth and Check Yourself! breast self-check cards.


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Artwork courtesy KeepABreast.org

According to KeepABreast.org:

“The Keep A Breast Foundation has demonstrated that it is a new nonprofit model, one that assumes that today’s young people are articulate, critical and ready to establish their identities through meaningful action. They are ready to be engaged and educated.”

Upon learning about the Keep A Breast Foundation, The Lucy Hobbs Project wanted to help.

The Lucy Hobbs Project is an initiative named to honor Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor, the first woman to earn a degree in dentistry in the United State. Born in 1833, Lucy was refused admission to dental school because of her gender. Despite that, she persevered, eventually becoming the first licensed female dentist in 1866.

Dr. Hobbs’ leadership, courage and success paved the way for other women. The Lucy Hobbs Project is committed to helping others to do the same by empowering women in dentistry to drive change and deliver results through networking, innovation and giving back.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Lucy Hobbs Project is offering a special opportunity for its members. A member buying eight boxes of natural extensions® Fuchsia Nitrile Gloves,  will receive two boxes free using the coupon code: LOVELUCY.

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Better still, with each box of gloves purchased, a donation will be made to the Keep A Breast Foundation.

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