Herman Miller, Inc. believes everyone deserves an exceptional experience throughout their day.

With that in mind, the furniture manufacturer based in Zeeland, Michigan created a wide range of high quality chairs that are perfect for various purposes in the dental office and beyond.

The sophisticated furnishings of Herman Miller and Nemschoff have been used in stylish, versus sterilizing, healthcare environments for five decades, elevating the human experience of care.

Their environmentally-friendly chairs are best for private offices, business desks, consults, call centers, and for receptionists. Take a look at three high-performance office chairs that offer comfort and style.

Chair or sailboat?


Sayl Stretch Knit Back

Designed based on sailboats that glide under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Sayl is Herman Miller’s second most popular chair. Besides it striking visual aesthetic, what sets Sayl apart from any other chair is that it has no frame. Without a frame, Sayl’s 3D intelligent back flexes and moves with the body.

What to expect:

  • The back provides passive PostureFit sacral support which allows the spine to maintain its natural S-shape and empowers the body to maintain a healthful posture with less fatigue.
  • Sayl creates a greater range of motion for the arms and is keen on circulation.
  • Instead of flex front, it has a seat slider.
  • The Sayl has a smaller footprint and is perfect for compact spaces.
  • With fewer parts and less material, the Sayl is still everything a good chair should be – setting the reference point in its class for quality, performance, and design.

Redefining what an affordable work chair should be.

Prospect, Solo Spaces with Layout Studio


The most economical of the trio is Herman Miller’s Verus. Scaled back for a more attainable price option, Verus has a traditional look that offers ergonomic support and features an upholstered seat with seat slider and a mesh back. Verus provides a seamless, comfortable experience for body types of all shapes and sizes and is redefining what an affordable work chair should be.

What to expect:

  • Herman Miller’s patented PostureFit sacral support is standard in Verus and keeps the spine properly aligned.
  • Optional height-adjustable lumbar support provides an added level of spinal support and comfort in the back’s lumbar region.

We saved the best for last. Meet Mirra 2

Mirra 2 Chairs

Mirra 2 Chairs

Meet Herman Miller’s most popular, best-selling high-performance chair: Mirra 2. The second of its kind, this version of the Mirra has been totally revamped to adapt instantly.

What to expect:

  • Mirra 2 was built to support those who work in a constant state of motion – its back has strategically placed holes which offer give and movement, and a ventilated mesh seat for a cool and comfortable feeling.
  • Curved for better posture, Mirra2’s PostureFit sacral support keeps the spine properly aligned.
  • A flex front puts the seat in the right position for your back and knees.
  • Mirra 2’s Loop Spine provides torsional flex, allowing  stretch and lateral reach.
  • Harmonic 2 tilt provides a smooth, balanced feel when reclining.

“With dynamic surfaces that respond to your slightest movements and simple, intuitive adjustments to fine-tune the fit, Mirra 2 balances immediate comfort and personalized ergonomics in one sophisticated design,”  according to Herman Miller, Inc.

As a Herman Miller Healthcare dealer, Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately-owned dental distribution company, now offers oral health professionals an elevated new world in which to work.

Herman Miller believes seating should work as hard as you do, and Benco Dental agrees, which is why Benco has standardized Mirra 2 and Sayl for the company’s associates.

Herman Miller provides a 12-year-24/7warranty and more than 10 other office chair options at: https://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/office-chairs/

Customize any of the chairs with fabrics and a wide variety of colors.

Contact 1.800.GOBENCO to speak with a member of the CenterPoint Design team for details.

Mirra 2 and Mattiazzi Branca Chairs with AGL Table