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In 2018, most of us understand we should be investing for the future. Though we are aware of the importance of investing, and may already be contributing, do we have a strategy? Developing an investment strategy and setting personal and financial goals provides investors significant advantages when it comes to anticipating what’s to come.


Haag Sherman, Chief Executive Officer, Tectonic Advisors

This month, we sat down with Chief Executive Officer of CWA affiliate, Tectonic Advisors, Haag Sherman, to learn smart investment strategies and why a goal-based investment strategy is so important to your portfolio.

Understanding the various types of investing philosophies can help you and your financial planner decide the best method to reach your personal and professional objectives. Investors can strategize their investing in a myriad of different ways, though two of the most widely used are:

  1. Risk-based investing – focuses on optimizing returns, usually over a short time period
  2. Goal-based investing – focuses on optimizing your personal and financial goals over a long-term timeline

There are distinct advantages to goal-based investing over risk-based investing. Goal-based investing strategies are often determined by three factors—click here to read the full blog describing these factors.

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