The Clip Mirror.

If it sounds like a fairytale dream come true, that was the plan for this under-$50 innovation designed by a dental hygienist.

The Clip Mirror offers a titanium mirror head that easily affixes to a slow-speed suction. 

The vision: Maintain a dry field without having to constantly put down the ultrasonic or piezo scaler, polisher, or other hand instrument to reach for a mirror. 

Added benefit:  Enables you access to  difficult-to-view areas in the oral cavity.

dh clip mirror 195The Clip Mirror touts high-quality materials – medical grade stainless steel and a titanium mirror face.

You can see clearly now.

Speaking of the mirror, it stays put, thanks to a custom-engineered, electron beam welded spring clip. 

While in position, the titanium mirror faces give reflections that its creator claims are 10-15% brighter and clearer than standard rhodium mirrors, and according to DH Essentials, “make a world of difference when it comes to viewing the work field.”

“Continuous access to the saliva ejector will not only reduce your unnecessary handling of tools, but will also eliminate the pooling of water and saliva in the patient’s throat, making the procedure more pleasant for your patients—and for you.”

Sounds like storybook ending for dental team and patients.

See the Clip Mirror in action in a video below, created by Hygiene Edge:

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