The devastation wrought in Houston by Hurricane Harvey affected every corner of America’s fourth-largest city. Its dental community was certainly not spared nature’s wrath — but thanks to tireless work and boundless generosity, Houston’s dentists are at last emerging from the waters, defiant and determined to rebuild.

Dr. Lori Logan (shown on the cover of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine), a family and cosmetic dentist in the Houston suburb of Cypress, Texas and Dr. Mark Gray, whose practice is located south of Cypress in Houston’s Energy Corridor, share the stories of why they chose to stay put in their locations after the disaster, and how they got back up and running.

Said Dr. Lori Logan, in an interview with Mellanie Perez @Mellanie_Perez, for Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine:

“It’s an awful feeling when you just can’t be there for your patients.”

Neither Dr. Gray nor Dr. Logan had flood insurance, and when Dr. Gray finally was able to get into his dental office, everything he was able to salvage “fit in the back seat of his car,” according to Perez’ article.

Said Dr. Mark Gray:

“We’ve lost our office — that’s our term, we’ve lost it. But we’re going to get it back. We’re going to rebuild.”

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