Few overseas destinations are as trendy — and as accessible — as Iceland. This 10-day driving itinerary from Lea Lane will help you circumnavigate the entire place.

The most recent edition of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine offers a firsthand account of Lane’s 10-day drive “around this Kentucky-sized island nation,” including an ice cave in Vatnajokull glacier, shown above.

“Iceland, contrary to its name, won’t make your teeth chatter. Except for a couple months a year, it isn’t really all that cold. It’s cool.

Cool in every sense of the word, that is: Iceland is a common sight on innumerable travelers’ bucket lists, and for good reason. One, it’s accessible; you can get there from the northeastern U.S. in around five hours.

Two, although its prices are infamously high, airfare to get there — to import yourself, so to speak, in a country where almost everything must be brought in — can be extraordinarily cheap on Icelandair or WOW, the country’s low-cost carrier.

Three, it’s beautiful in an utterly unforgettable way. And finally, it’s just unique, playing host to weird adventures (diving to touch both North American and Eurasian landmasses simultaneously) and offbeat delicacies (preserved shark — not remotely as bad as it sounds).

Then there are the Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best places to view this eye-popping sky show. From early September to the end of April — right now, in other words — you’re likely to see some aurora activity, dependent on luck, weather and solar activity. “

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Cliffs and assorted natural wonders in Thingvellir National Park. (Photo: Shutterstock)