If not, what better time than today — the first day of a new year — to prepare to build your future?

A design workshop slated for early February in California will help you create a workspace that is both efficient and beautiful, but most importantly,  a true reflection of you and your practice vision.

On February 8 and 9 at CenterPoint West in Costa Mesa, California, a unique keynote presenter, Dr. Tristan Hamilton, will guide you through dentistry’s one-of-a-kind event: a build your future™ design workshop.


At this two-day course, you will gain knowledge, confidence and an understanding of the principles of dental office design.


Dental office design is not just about choosing the most beautiful color schemes, light fixtures or which wallpaper goes where. Those topics just skim the surface.

This course is really about you as a person.

It revolves around the basic architectural design fundamentals that drive us as human beings and as dentists to be less stressed, more efficient, and lead happier and healthier lives.


When you complete this workshop, you’ll understand which correct design principles to employ and which concepts to avoid. You’ll know what questions to ask and where to find the answers.



You’ll also learn what aesthetic statement to make to convey the image that you provide high-quality care, which is what your patients expect. You’ll learn what concepts of office design can help you meet the goals of your practice. Lastly, you’ll learn how to apply all of these principles to achieve your idea of success.

What can you expect to accomplish in two days?

• Walk away with a foundation of how a properly designed office can increase production and efficiency.

• Learn what constitutes an effective floor plan.

• Know how to get the right people on your team to help you achieve the low stress office design you need to succeed.

• Discover what makes a patient more anxious in your office and how you can alleviate it.

Who better to guide you through the process of planning the practice design that enhances office productivity?

Someone who has been there himself.

webJUDGE_15_March Dr Hamilton01-printDr. Hamilton holds degrees in architecture (from Andrews University in Michigan) and dentistry (from Loma Linda University in Southern California).

He practiced as an architect for several years in Washington, D.C. where he worked on notable projects, such as the Las Vegas City Master Plan, Vanderbilt University Master Plan, and numerous United States Embassy renovations.

Dr. Hamilton also has been published for his dental office design work and won the Best Dental Office Design in America by Incisal Edge magazine in 2012 for his Wilmington, North Carolina office.


In addition to earning up to 7.5 CE credits, the build your future™ workshop will offer you an opportunity to gain insight on:

  • financing your project
  • practice management coaching
  • the power of interior design

From beautiful exteriors to aesthetic details in reception areas and operatories, you’ll be inspired to take the next steps to success.

While in Costa Mesa, you’ll experience CenterPoint West, featuring: 25 operatories • OneVisit® live scanning and milling suite • Convergent SOLEA Laser • Herman Miller best-in-class furniture and seating vignettes.


Interested in attending? Register today.

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