With a new philanthropic effort each quarter, the husband and wife endodontic team of Dr. Katherine Toole Behrents and Dr. Nathaniel Behrents (shown above center with two of their three children and their dental team) put charitable efforts into practice all year round. However, during the holiday season, as shown by the image above, they put kindness in high gear.

The spread goodwill and cheer with an annual Christmas basket delivery day during which they close their Behrents Endodontic Specialists office in FayettevilleArkansas for a full day and visit their referring dental practices to show appreciation. 

For the seventh year they have participated in the NWA Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program with donations that would weigh down Santa’s sleigh (see below). 



Their year round season of giving also included participation in the Arkansas Kids Back to School backpack and supplies donations.

When they’re not working as a team to support the community, Drs. Behrent are continually learning and leading, attending the American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting for the past three years.

In 2013, Drs. Behrent were featured among the Incisal Edge magazine 40 Under 40, which annually honors America’s best young dentists, and since that time they have had numerous reasons to celebrate.

  • In September, the doctors welcomed a new baby boy to their family. He joins their beautiful twin son and daughter (shown as chief elves in the holiday photo at top).
  • In 2015, they marked the fifth anniversary of the practice and hosted a festive event at an Arkansas Razorbacks football game to commemorate the day.
  • They completed a renovation of the dental office (shown below).
  • In 2015, they hosted an office team-building retreat to Branson, Missouri.

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