Ninety-three years strong, Dr. Jacob Eisenbach, offered inspiration and hope as keynote speaker during the menorah lighting ceremony celebrating the first night of Hanukkah at Fashion Island on Tuesday in Newport Beach, California.

According to LA Times features reporter Hannah Fry, the retired dentist “shared  his story of survival through the Holocaust and his continuous hope for a better future.”

As Eisenbach spoke to the crowd Tuesday, he noted American writer Mark Twain’s own awe expressed in his writing at the Jews’ ability to endure despite their many perpetrators throughout history.

“He asked ‘what is the secret of Jewish immortality?’,” Eisenbach said. “The answer is there is no secret. The reason Jews are still here is because of our indestructible faith in God. We strongly believe that God has protected us.”

Find out why Dr. Eisenbach is committed to sharing his story 70 years after the Nazis occupied his hometown of Lodz, Poland: