No, not that SOLO, silly.

Screenshot 2017-11-21 14.43.50Creators of the Jazz SOLO will demonstrate why one sensor means savings during the Greater New York Dental Meeting 2017 (November 24-29) at booth #4522.

Boasting a low upfront investment, 1/5 the cost of comparable sensors, this offering from Jazz Imaging presents similar imager dimensions as Size 2 sensors in a far smaller package (comfort of a Size 1 sensor!) thanks to patent pending technology.

Satisfied with your current imaging software? SOLO integrates with most popular imaging applications.

What else can you expect?

  • Unmatched comfort. Cut housing corners improve anterior and posterior positioning.
  • Low dose imaging. Uses CCD technology instead of CMOS to optimize image quality at a low dose.
  • Angled cable exit. Improves comfort and anterior positioning.
  • Outstanding image quality. Extremely low noise and 20+ lp/mm contrast visiblity.

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