Children with vision and hearing loss can now participate in the Lessons in a Lunch Box program with confidence. 

The Children’s Oral Health Institute in Owings Mills, Maryland announced yesterday that it will extend the Lessons in a Lunch Box program, an oral health literacy program, to students who are blind and deaf. The generosity of sponsors is helping to ensure the program is available to all children. 

“Especially exciting is that Benco Dental will offer provisions for the American Sign Language (ASL) video translation of Lessons in a Lunch Box. Procter & Gamble will include this video footage on Support from Braille Works, which has provided braille translation for both the lunch box and the dental carrot case, and from EyeQuest, is immense for our nonprofit organization,” says The Children’s Oral Health Institute CEO Dr. Winifred J. Booker.

Winifred Booker, winner of the 2017 Lucy Hobbs Award

Winifred Booker, DDS, with Valley Dental Pediatrics in Owings Mills, Md., and CEO & Director of Development for The Children’s Oral Health Institute is the recipient of the Lucy Hobbs Award for her work with underserved children. CREDIT: Matt Roth

Qualified sign language interpreters will translate during the Lessons in a Lunch Box presentations. Now, with the video adaptation available on both and The Children’s Oral Health Institute websites, audio and American Sign Language translations can be accessed by everyone. Children who are blind and deaf, their families, dentists, educators, school nurses, and other health professionals can take advantage of the useful resource. 

Braille and sign language translations included as part of the exclusive lunch box design offer opportunities to improve diet behaviors and dental hygiene practices. Blind and deaf children can seize on the program tangibles, and confidently comprehend the lessons taught throughout the lunch box. 

The Children’s Oral Health Institute is proud to enable children with vision and hearing loss the opportunity to participate in the program with self-assurance. For more information, and to view the Lessons in a Lunch Box: Braille & American Sign Language Adapted video, visit: or