With these elegant new timepieces, all inspired by high-performance race cars, you’ll be off to the races in no time.

Incisal Edge contributor Aaron Sigmond (his latest book,Drive Time,” will be published drivethis fall by Rizzoli New York) offers a glimpse at five in the latest edition of the dental lifestyle magazine:

“The mechanical beauties you see here take their inspiration from elements of race-car design — dashboard instrumentation, say, or a given vehicle’s silhouette. For the most part, they’re chronographs, which means they include a stopwatch function; they also typically sport a tachymeter (a scale for measuring speed) on either the inner or outer bezel.

Designed to be worn at high speeds, they also look really, really cool. You’re a dentist, though, and going 200 mph around a track has the potential to be very bad for your teeth. Well, no matter — these new men’s and women’s options will look just as slick even if you’re proceeding no more rapidly than 45 in a Subaru between home and office.”

To learn more about the BAUME ET MERCIER CLIFTON CLUB SHELBY COBRA (shown at top), and four other timepieces that inspire, visit:  https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/01484026#/01484026/94