As easy as 1, 2, 3.

That’s the platform for a bone graft cement introduced by Augma Biomaterials USA.

Bond Apatite® stresses its simplified process: place (the material), press (with a dry pad), close (the flap).

According to, less than one minute is required for graft placement and stabilization with Bond Apatite.

Improved outcomes and shortened healing time (less than three months) are among its benefits.

Ease of use arrives in the form of an all-in-one syringe. Membrane use is not essential as long as soft tissue is well sutured .

View it in action with its developer, Amos Yahav, DMD:

An additional upshot: practitioners experience a significant reduction in overall cost.

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Augma Biomaterials Ltd., an innovative Israeli company, develops bone substitutes and accessories for bone augmentation  in maxillofacial surgery.

The vision behind the formation of the company, according to its website,  originated from the inspiration of the developer, Amos Yahav, DMD, to find a bone graft substitute that could serve clinicians in a wider spectrum of indications, based on motivation to find the ultimate one.

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Photo Courtesy Augma Biomaterials Ltd.