Three autumnal cocktails, made with the fruit most closely associated with the season, make a toothsome way to greet its arrival.

“An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but an apple cocktail a day will keep a dentist in high spirits all season long,” jokes Incisal Edge spirits columnist Lauren Mowery.

“AS THE AIR COOLS and the leaves curl and change hues, our drink preferences evolve, too. We want a taste of the season, and fall signifies harvest — the domain of the apple. Demand for cocktails based on the fruit shows no sign of abating, but we’ve come a long way since the mid-1990s rise of the cloying, neon-green ‘appletini’ that was far more Jolly Rancher than crisp, tart Fuji.

         To celebrate that breadth of delicious, high-quality ciders and spirits, we’ve selected three unique bottles that serve as both solo tipple and mixed-drink platform.”

View them in the magazine’s fall edition:

About the author

LAUREN MOWERY has covered the world through the lens of drink for publications including Wine Enthusiast, Forbes and Saveur.