Lessons in a Lunch Box, which prepares to celebrate its 10th year

PR 09-26 LIALB Poised for 10th Yr.jpgThe Children’s Oral Health Institute in Owings Mills, Maryland, led by Winifred Booker, DDS, (shown above, photo courtesy Matt Roth) is poised to contribute the Lessons in a Lunch Box program for a 10th year. The mission: to help improve the oral health education of children and families. Sponsors have provided support, and the lunch boxes have been ordered. The newly designed dental carrot cases are in route to be filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss in the coming weeks.

The program is on schedule to launch year 10 in time for National Children’s Dental Health Month, February of 2018.

Registration of 2nd and 3rd grades for the programs began October 3.

Those interested in registering an elementary school for the oral health program should begin coordinating with principals and teachers.

Step 1: Coordinators should promptly obtain the required permission memo from the school principal.

Step 2: Once verified, confirm the presentation date, complete the registration form and address the shipment cost before the big day.

Program coordinators and the health professional team (dentists and student dentists, hygienists’ and student hygienists’, physicians, nurses, and other volunteers ) are strongly encouraged to visit www.dentalcare.com, type 456 into the search engine and participate in the course, Improving Oral Health Literacy: Teaching Primary School Students through the Lessons in a Lunch Box Program.

Volunteers earn CE credit and ensure their program presentation and distribution of lunch boxes is well-coordinated and run smoothly.

The Children’s Oral Health Institute is proud to celebrate its 10th year and obliged sponsors (shown below) have rallied for a decade to support the Lessons in a Lunch Box: Healthy Teeth Essentials & Facts About Snacks® program for all children.

For more information and to register an elementary school, visit www.mycohi.org

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