Placing dental implants, performing fluoride varnish treatments and delivering nanny goats village families sound like business as usual for  James J. Wu, DDS, FRCD (C), (shown above) when he dedicates expertise as a volunteer in Moldova.

The Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in both the U.S. and Canada recently returned from an August 26 mission trip to Chisinau, the Eastern European country’s capital city.

Dr. Wu, who leads a team at Advanced Surgical Associates in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, plans these mission trips to Pacea Familia Dental Clinic (the clinic name stands for “peace to people in need”) annually. The clinic cares for the underserved of Chisinau and three surrounding rural villages. 

“One patient who I saw last year was the victim of spousal abuse in the past and required multiple extractions. I was able to place an implant so we can restore a premolar on one side to give her a more balanced occlusion,” said Dr. Wu.

“We were able to bless an older woman with four implants to allow her to function with a denture, and a second patient with three implants to restore posterior occlusion.”

He offered gratitude for the support the dental team received.

“Due to the generosity of Benco DentalSouthern Anesthesia & Surgical, Inc. and Hu-Friedy, 75 patients were able to receive oral surgery treatment over the course of four days. 

In addition, because of the generosity of IDS, three patients were able to benefit from having dental implants placed, as well, for the first time in the Pacea Familia clinic.”

Dr. Wu and his group aim to instruct and offer future independence to those they visit.

“I was able to teach Dr. Anna Derli, in the clinic, how to restore AnyRidge implants, and I found out that AnyRidge is one of the preferred implant systems in the country of Moldova!” he said.  

“During the fifth day, the volunteer team dedicated talents in a village performing fluoride varnish treatments and playing with the kids, as well as delivering nanny goats to a few poorer families that would help provide them with goat milk for sustenance and allow them to make cheese.”

“The ministry pays for a mating fee and any offspring can be kept by the family, but the first female goat goes back to the mayor of the village who then distributes the goat to another family, and the cycle continues.”  

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Dental screening at an outdoor health fair with Moldovan dental students.

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“Our volunteer dental team with our in-country partners (seven are Americans, the rest are Moldovans)!” said James J. Wu, DDS, FRCD (C), shown in the second row, at far right. 

“Thank you from me and ServingHim HealthCare International Ministries. Thank you  for your partnership in helping the people of Moldova,” said Dr. Wu.