A fellow in the International Congress of Oral lmplantologists, Dr. Nikki Jones Bailey, 43, lives with her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Third-generation dentist Dr. Nikki Jones Bailey recently spoke with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine. The topics: the virtue of mission trips and downtime — and why just enough technology is usually just right.

In this excerpt, Dr. Jones Bailey (shown above, onstage with the Rowan County Big Band All-Stars) shares a few Secrets of Success:

“My career in dentistry started in 2001. It’s in my blood; I’m a third-generation dentist. My grandfather, Dr. Lee Clarence Jones – Howard University School of Dentistry. class of 1924 – and my father, Dr. Clinton M. Jones – Howard Dental, class of 1959 – set the path.

After six years of group practice, I took a leap of faith and branched out on my own. Building a dental practice from scratch is not easy. The largest stumbling blocks were learning how to run a business and train a team – and maintain my sanity. I also wanted the latest technology but soon realized I’d go broke if I bought everything dentistry had to offer. So I introduce a new piece of technology each year.


Mission Possible: Dr. Nikki Jones Bailey in Meru, Kenya, in 2006. (Photo courtesy Dr. Nikki Jones Bailey)

Traveling to Africa [on seven mission trips] opened my eyes to a different world. There are places in Africa that are similar to the West, and then there are remote areas where people have no idea that doctors and hospitals exist.

It’s important to have a life outside of dentistry. It keeps me balanced. Throughout my career, I’ve written and performed poetry. I learned how to salsa dance. I’m two belts short of a black belt in tae kwon do. I also practice yoga for strength and focus. In high school I played saxophone in the marching band, and later in the jazz band.

After high school, I kept in touch with my band teacher; he’s currently the leader of the Rowan County Big Band All-Stars, an 18-piece swing band that specializes in the Great American Songbook.”

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Trinity Cosmetic & General Dentistry, which Dr. Nikki Jones Bailey owns and operates, recently marked its tenth year in business in Concord, just northeast of Charlotte.


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