Dave Tosh,  Fleet and Communications Administrator at Benco Dental

Dave Tosh,  Fleet and Communications Administrator at the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor, this week earned a spot among the 2017 Fleet Visionaries of the Year.

Tosh, a Benco Dental associate, is included among 20 fleet professionals, representing companies from Dunkin Brands to Novo Nordisk, honored at an awards ceremony during the 2017 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) annual conference in Las Vegas on Sept. 18.

According to a story by reporter Andy Lundin for :

“The Fleet Visionary award is open to any fleet professional with 10 years or fewer in the industry who has brought a new perspective to running a commercial fleet with the result that the fleet is more operationally efficient, cost-effective, safer, or any combination of these by introducing new methods, efficiencies, and/or technologies.”

The website lists the 20 fleet visionaries for 2017 as:

  • Dave Tosh, Benco Dental
  • Brian Fisher, Mortenson Construction
  • Doug Schrier, Covenant Transportation Group
  • Jeremey Muoio, Mastec
  • April Yeager, Clariant
  • Mohammad Annas Khan, Najm For Insurance
  • Larry Shupe, Eagle Distributing Co.
  • Kelsey Wolfe, Southern Freight Services
  • Melanie Pirylis, Schindler
  • Sara Vaughn, Dunkin Brands
  • Daniel Warner, Coloplast
  • Adam Orth, General Mills
  • Andrew McDonald, Arcadis
  • Arthur Parr, MBI Energy Services
  • Gene Spencer, Weatherford
  • Dustan Sepulveda, Watermill Express
  • Jacky Johnson, Truck Accessories Group
  • Jeffrey Menheer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Katherine Stamper, Novo Nordisk
  • Sonya Garrepy, IDEXX Laboratories

According to, a detailed look at the visionaries will be featured in an upcoming issue of Automotive Fleet.

The award, sponsored by Merchants Fleet Management, is designed to recognize and celebrate new voices in fleet management. The honorees were announced by associates from Merchants.