“If youth only knew; if age only could.”

That classic French proverb, which captures perfectly the seeming futility of so much human endeavor, gets turned on its tete by the 10 all-star educators featured in the fall edition of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine.

They were selected by Dr. Michael Cohen and his team at the Seattle Study Club® in collaboration with lncisal Edge to recognize and honor the profound impact they’re already making on our profession.

Despite their relative youth, they possess both the considerable knowledge and the pedagogical means to transmit it. The practice – indeed, the very institution – of dentistry will thrive, after all, only if its accumulated wisdom and techniques are passed on to those waiting in the wings.

Few do it better than these 10, who represent a broad cross-section of skills, areas of specialty and widespread geography to ensure that American dentistry will be in good hands for generations to come:

Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow, DDS

Sabiha Bunek, DDS

Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD

Brett E. Gilbert, DDS

Parag R. Kachalia, DDS

Marco Brindis, DDS

Victor Clavijo, DDS, MSC, PH.D.

David Lee Hill Jr., DDS

Kyle G. Stanley, DDS

Rebecca Bockow, DDS, MS

If youth only knew? Here, it does – and how.

Click here to learn more about these wunderkinds in Incisal Edge:  https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/01484026#/01484026/84