Dental technician and co-owner of Miami-based Zahntechnique CDL, a leader in digitally manufactured restorations, Alexander Wunsche, CDT, says yes.

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Alexander Wunsche, CDT

Wunsche discussed zirconia, which he says “might well become the most important dental material of the near (and perhaps more distant future) in a guest column with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine.

“Dentistry moves quickly. New materials mean new knowledge, and if you don’t keep up you’ll surely be left holding the bag. If you want to pick the industry’s most exciting development over the last decade you’re spoiled for choice, for for me the selection is easy: our increased use of zirconia. It’s a terrific material. It’s also persnickety, often difficult — almost temperamental, you might say.

Zirconium, the source element, is so strong it’s known as “white steel.” NASA even used it as the material for heat shields on the various Space Shuttles. Fore terrestrial dentists with more prosaic needs, however, it’s a wonderful replacement material for many metal-supported restorations. Each year brings further advances.”

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