TheDailyFloss-Incisal-Edge-40 Under 40- Cover2017It should go without saying that a dentist ranked among America’s best – the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 — makes the best use of every second of his or her day.

Dr. Marcus Capalbo (shown above at the dental lifestyle magazine’s spring photo session in NYC/Photo courtesy Matt Furman) is no exception. Along with his two brothers, he owns and manages Capalbo Dental Group and its five practices in New England. When not developing his newest practice, Thames River Dental Group (New London, Connecticut) the 33-year-old practitioner consistently seeks out classes and seminars to insure sure he’s on top of clinical advancements in the profession.

A secondary passion allows him to trade in scrubs for a polo from time to time– one of his own design.

TheDailyFLoss-Incisal-Edge-40-Under-40-Dr-Marcus-Capalbo-and-Chris-Morin-Creek-_n (002)

Dr. Marcus Capalbo (right) with friend Chris Morin.

Dr. Capalbo’s golf clothing line, Creek (@creek.ri on Instagram), began as a lark between his brothers and some friends, but quickly evolved into a hobby and serious business venture. An avid golfer, Dr. Capalbo says that when it comes to golf apparel for the young and stylish, a void exists in the golf attire retail industry. He hopes Creek can fill it.

Creek’s logo (shown below), a nautical anchor with a flaming torch for its shank, demonstrates the value Dr. Capalbo places on a tight-knit group of friends and family. Inspired by an annual golf trip he takes with his friends (half from New York City, half from Rhode Island), the logo melds the anchor from Rhode Island’s state flag with the TheDailyFLoss-Incisal-Edge-40-Under-40-Dr-Marcus-Capalbo-Creek-logo_ntorch from the Statue of Liberty.

Dr. Capalbo says that while he does outsource the production of his products, he tries to be as involved as possible every step of the way. Right now, he is learning about the business development process from design to distribution.

“It is so different from dentistry in so many ways … but a lot of the same principles apply.  Put the patients/customers first. Give them the best treatment/product possible.  Use the best materials, and have a great team around you.  My family has made our philosophy in dentistry to put the patients first, do everything you can to provide them with the best treatment possible, and make every decision with that as our guiding principle. We believe if you do that, then everything else will fall into place.”


Dr. Capalbo makes it his mission across the board to provide high-quality service without sacrificing small-town charm. His newest practice, for example, blends modernity with a more classic aesthetic to create a truly memorable experience.

Thames River Dental Group, shown at left, opened last year in a structure built in 1897. Formerly the parsonage for The Gothic Revival Second Congregational Church, it is now part of the Williams Memorial Park Historical District and considered a historical building.

The Capalbo Group’s website lists a variety of services, such as tooth replacement options, preventative care, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, periodontal treatment, emergency treatment, root canals and extractions, and Invisalign, however, Dr. Capalbo is adding to the  offerings. In the near future, he plans to take courses in full-mouth rehabilitation and TMJ/sleep disorders.

Ever-evolving, Dr. Capalbo is in the process of creating a website for his side pursuit, Creek. Until then, find his designs on Instagram @creek.ri.


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