A quick twist and easy press sends varnish right from the applicator system to the teeth, eliminating the need to double-dip, open difficult packaging and keep track of small applicator brushes.

Sounds like the fluoride varnish of your dreams?

An Earth City, Missouri-based company thinks so and hopes you agree.

Introducing the Varnish Pen by Young Dental

Squeeze CloseUp_0067According to the designer, manufacturer and marketer, Varnish Pen by Young is an innovative all-in-one varnish delivery system that offers a quick, simple and mess-free approach to varnish applications.

The Varnish Pen offers the clinician a very convenient method of applying fluoride varnish with improved patient acceptance.

Why will patients like it?

Varnish Pen contains a single-dose 5% sodium fluoride varnish made with xylitol that provides sensitivity relief for patients of all ages. The thin, translucent no-mix formula is easy to handle without stringing or clumping, and is available in Mint and Assorted (Mint, Grape and Bubblegum) flavors.

Learn more or try one at your practice

For more information or to request a free Varnish Pen sample, visit www.varnishpen.com.