Imagine spending a spring afternoon being styled by an international fashion expert during an exclusive celebrity photo shoot in NYC.

Sound exciting? Then you haven’t met Chicago sensation Dr. Roshan Parikh (known to his patients as “Dr. Ro”).

In less than nine years, this motivated general dentist made a significant leap. He purchased his first practice in Chicago’s southern suburbs in 2008, with a staff of just three, and has since built Chicagoland Smile Group into a network of 12 multi-specialty practices with 47 dentists and dental specialists.

Dr. Ro is open to positive opportunities, even if they require a few bold moves.

Take for instance, at the May 40 Under 40 photo session for Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine, when the 36-year-old dentist did not hesitate to balance precariously on a two-inch railing, two flights up (shown above).

THeDailyFloss-Incisal-Edge-40-under-40- Dr-Ro-Parikh-Recording Howard Farran - DentalTown PodcastFounder and President of Chicagoland Smile Group recently earned the spotlight (shown) in The Dentalpreneur podcast with Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Mark Costes:

There, Dr. Ro discussed the exponential growth associated with the multi-specialty practice he leads and the “Corporate Dream Team” involved in the success.

Dr. Ro will share his thoughts on the importance of mentorship in the upcoming fall edition of the nation’s only dental lifestyle magazine, Incisal Edge which will honor Dr. Ro and 39 more of America’s best young practitioners.

Today, he discusses positive opportunities with mentors at University of Illinois at Chicago and Loyola University Chicago.

“At Loyola,  a pre-dental club that I was a part helped connect me with students who were on a similar track as me, as well as with mentors.  At UIC-Dental, there was mentorship all the time because of the professors who we interacted with on a daily basis.  Also, UIC-Dental works with organized dentistry (Chicago Dental Society) to help pair dental students with mentor dentists.”

Dr. Ro believes in paying that forward at a rate of 110%.

“I think one of the worst things that someone with great knowledge can do is to not share it with others to help advance our society.  So, it’s something I do every chance I get.  I am on UIC-Dental’s mentorship committee, and there we always try to help dental students get answers to their questions and shadow regularly.  We are currently working to put in place a ‘corporate private practice dentistry’ rotation that will be available to high performing senior dental students to offer them pre-graduation exposure.”

Want to hear more from Dr. Ro?

Check out his podcast:


Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honorees Dr. Roshan P. Parikh, Dr. Mark J. Broomhead and Dr. Benjamin Farrow at the May photo session hosted in NYC.

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