Whether it was 5, 25, or 50…you’d probably like more.

Attracting new patients is a vital part of growing a dental practice and increasing production. That’s what Kent and Marilee Sears, among other experts, will discuss at an upcoming free event that begins July 24:

100 New Patients: How to Attract More Ideal Patients, Fill Your Schedule and Maximize Your Production.

During this event, more than 30 of dentistry’s top experts, marketers, authors, speakers and consultants will be sharing the best information available to help  increase the impact of every marketing dollar spent.

Here are just a few of the things presenters will cover during the 100 New Patients event…

  • The most effective way to increase patient referrals
  • How a $20 Facebook post resulted in over $20,000 worth of treatment
  • One exercise to improve team cooperation – and patient experiences
  • How to get 10 or more new Google reviews each month
  • Simple ways to improve your online ranking
  • One change you can make to your website to double the number of new patient calls.

The best part?

100 New Patients is completely free, and you can attend in your pajamas!

Click here to register.

The event begins July 24.

This is your opportunity to learn how to drastically increase the number of new dental patients at your practice– even up to 100 each month.