Forty-one years ago, fresh out of Temple University’s Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry, Dr. David Hamilton and wife Marlene brought their brand of dentistry – treating every patient like family – to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Two offices and 3,800 square feet later, he and his partner in practice (and youngest son) Dr. Joel Hamilton continue that tradition in a beautiful new environment.


Photos Courtesy Benco Dental / Amanda Griffith, CenterPoint Interior Designer

“I opened up in 1976 and Joel has made it his. We treat everyone as if they are family. That has never led me wrong. Our patients appreciate that we’re honest with them,” said the senior Hamilton, who began dreaming about the new home for Hamilton Dental Care more than seven years ago.

“Paul tells me 2010,” said Dr. David, referencing CenterPoint Dental Designer Paul Staritz, a member of the Benco Dental team that Dr. Hamilton has been working with since he opened his doors the year our nation celebrated its bicentennial.

“It’s probably at least that long, if not longer, that I’ve been thinking about it. Seriously planning for the past five years.”


An artist in the operatory and a hobbyist wood worker and wood carver in his free time, Dr. Hamilton shared his excitement with the entire staff months ago on a three-mile road trip to visit their new daytime home at 2 Audubon Court.

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A hobbyist wood worker and wood carver in his free time, Dr. David Hamilton created a play table for children at the practice. “It’s enjoyable when I come out to the front desk every now and then and I’ll see something that young patients built here. The other day they had two knights and a castle.”

“I brought them up when it was just sticks. I’m definitely like this, I can look at sticks and see walls … I could visualize what it was going to be.”

He and Dr. Joel Hamilton shared similar ideas for the new practice: openness, brightness, and quality, all reflections on their style of dentistry.

On the wish list?

Understandable for two dentists who, at 6 foot 4 inches and 6 foot 8 inches tall, rival some of the top NBA players in stature.

We just wanted it bigger and to be modern. We do quality


Dr. Joel Hamilton and wife Anna married the summer prior to his final year of study at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, where he graduated with honors. The two met many years prior as children and today are raising the next generation of Hamiltons, their three daughters: Emma, 6 1/2, Piper, 5 and Nora, 3 (shown above at the play table.)

dentistry and we wanted it to speak to the quality,” said Dr. David Hamilton.

“We went with wainscot, some indirect lighting, everything has crown molding,” he explained of the 5,000-plus square foot practice.

The patients appreciate it, he said, many of them complimenting everything from the color choices to the large windows in every room – including the four operatories – that feature views of cornfields and the surrounding natural beauty of Columbia county.

Members of the public can stop by the new facility, which patients have been visiting since April 10, at an Open House Thursday, July 13, from 4:30 to 8 p.m. The event will feature food, prizes, as well as face painting and balloons for children.


Clockwise, from left: Anna Hamilton, Dr. Joel Hamilton, Paul Staritz, CenterPoint Dental Designer, Kevin Swicklik, Benco Dental Equipment Specialist, Richard Bonin, Benco Dental Territory Representative, Amanda Griffith, CenterPoint Interior Designer, Dr. David Hamilton, Marlene Hamilton. 

Last week, the practice hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, during which Dr. David Hamilton thanked all of the individuals and organizations that helped make the project possible (video courtesy The Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce / Matt Beltz – Director of Marketing and Communications), among them Larry Cohen, Benco Dental Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate.

“You can’t believe the hours I spent with this man picking out everything that a new dentist has to have. When we moved here we needed more stuff. But when I sat down with Larry I needed everything. Every cotton ball every sponge every instrument and he guided Marlene and I through that,” said Dr. David Hamilton, referencing the first practice he opened in downtown Bloomsburg in 1976.

“Benco has been amazing. Rich (Bonin) has been our rep and he’s more than a rep, he’s our friend… He stood by us.”


Shown, at a July 6 ribbon-cutting event at the new office of Hamilton Dental Center, 2 Audubon Court in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania are Drs. David and Joel Hamilton and members of their families; First Columbia Bank & Trust, which financed the project; as well as representatives from the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce, and Hamilton Family Dental’s supplies distributor, cabinetry contractor, architects and builders of the facility and representatives from Scott Township. Front row, from left: Fred Gaffney, Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce President, Dr. David Hamilton, Dr. Joel Hamilton, Anna Hamilton, Frank Grindstaff, About Face Cabinetry, Larry Cohen, Benco Dental Chairman, Richard Bonin, Benco Dental Territory Representative, Kevin Swicklik, Benco Dental Equipment Specialist, Susan McGarry, RA, LEED AP, Principal Architect, ArchCentral Architects, Inc., Pam Young, First Columbia Bank VP Lender, Paul Page First Columbia Bank, Chief Lender Back row: Todd G. Ross, President T-Ross Brothers Construction, Marlene Hamilton, Paul R. Eyerly, Scott Township Chairman of the Board of Superintendents.