Carpet tile that gives back. Angulating ceilings. Vibrant color pops. Floral everything.

That’s what attendees at NeoCon “the event of the year, every year” were privy to June 12, 13 and 14 in Chicago, according to Monica Wilder, CenterPoint Interior Designer at Benco Dental.

“NeoCon is the most rejuvenating and inspiring week any interior designer or architect can attend. This international convention is truly the event of the year, every year, to see what’s new in the industry.”

said Wilder.

Mohawk Group introduced a carpet tile, Lichen (shown above), made from multi-hued and multi-textured lichen from trees which was the first to achieve the Living Product Challenge Petal Certification. The Lichen Collection gives more resources back to the environment than it uses to be created. This is truly historic.”


“Shaw Contract Flooring, a CenterPoint Design vendor, debuted a felted flooring, sold in easy-to-clean tiles.  This new product is an acoustical dream for any office. They offer bright, fun colors or neutral gray/brown tones.”


Photos courtesy Monica Wilder


“Here at CenterPoint Design, the interior design team embraces up-and-coming products, and the newest trends.  This allows us to introduce concepts into the dental office that have not been done before.”

CenterPoint Interior Designer Monica Wilder shares a few thoughts on her favorite trends at NeoCon:

  1. Color trends included white with bright, vibrant color pops such as salmon, navy, and lime green.


  2. TheDailyFloss-image-CenterPoint-Design-NeoCon2_n

    Chunky knits for both flooring (carpets and area rugs) and upholstery seem to be leading in textiles.

  3. Angulating ceilings via blades or grid systems.


  4. Strong, contrasting wood tones.


  5. Environmental products. All products are in a preliminary stage for this new concept. Mohawk Group won the International Living Furniture Institute Gold Award for making a carpet tile from lichen. Yes, lichen from trees.


  6. Herman Miller furniture. Innovative, clean, minimal, and effective — as always. They’re showroom was packed and they offered some great new color trends for their new products!


  8. Floral. Here a floral, there a floral, everywhere a floral! Floor, ceiling, seats, walls.


  9. Felted flooring.  Easy cleanability, you can mix and match tiles, and it’s an acoustical dream! Pediatric and Orthodontics offices? Sign me up!