How thousands volunteered in providing free Dental Care

One month + two worthy causes = smiling Benco Dental associates

Members of the dental distribution company team in Northern California were counted among the 2,368 volunteers at a two-day CDA Cares event hosted in San Mateo. On April 22-23, associates from Benco Dental, including Friendly Benco Rep Steve Micheli, Equipment Specialist Joe Pennisi, and Friendly Benco Rep Don Copeland dedicated their efforts to help 1,973 people receive free dental care ($1.6 million in oral health care treatment provided at no charge to people who experience barriers to care, according to CDA Cares).

Many of those patients shared heart-wrenching, handwritten, personal notes of thanks at the event (shown above).

Helping since day 1 …

Since the very first CDA Cares event,  a Benco Dental associate has volunteered as lead for the Central Supply area, including Sher Cox and Jose Virrueta, among others, according to Steve Micheli, a 44 year dental industry professional who stepped into that role for Benco this year.  

Additionally, 243 complete and partial dentures and repairs were provided to Californians who experience barriers to care, such as Michael, who had been without teeth for more than 12 years, according to He received full upper and lower dentures at CDA Cares San Mateo and was thrilled to show off his new smile to family and friends.

He told

“This is the first time that my grandchildren will be able to see me smile and see teeth, which will help me to teach them proper dental hygiene,” said Michael, who planned to Facetime with the grandkids when he left the event and looked forward to eating something other than “soft food.” Michael also expressed his appreciation for CDA Cares. “This has been one of the most impactful experiences I’ve ever had,” he said. “I saw the care and the time (the dental professionals) took,” said Michael’s wife Althea, who watched the procedure from a nearby waiting area. “It doesn’t matter if it’s two hours or 20 hours, for us it was just worth it,” she added.

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Benco Dental Associates dedicate their efforts at CDA Cares event in San Mateo, April 22-23. Shown, from left: Friendly Benco Rep Steve Micheli, Trailblazer Region, Equipment Specialist Joe Pennisi, Bay Region, and Friendly Benco Rep Don Copeland, Bay Region.

To cap it all off…

A few weeks later, on May 19, members of the Benco Dental team, including Steve Micheli, jumped into volunteer action at the Sacramento District Dental Society Swing for Smiles Golf Tournament.

Benco served as one of the event sponsors at Empire Ranch Golf Course in Folsom, California to raise funds for the Sacramento District Dental Foundation. Established in 1969, the 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity arm of the dental society provides dental services to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it, focusing especially on children.

Learn how you can help make a difference:

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Representing Benco Dental on the links in support of Sacramento District Dental Foundation: from, are: Friendly Benco Rep Steve Micheli, Equipment Specialist Dan Cook, Regional Manager Rob Kiddoo and Friendly Benco Rep Jose Virrueta.

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Volunteering with Benco Dental as sponsors of a May 19 Golf Tournament to benefit the Sacramento District Dental Foundation are: Friendly Benco Rep Jill Davies White and Celeste Holliday.