It’s that time again!

June is just around the corner, signaling the start of the busiest time of year for dental office management across the country. Cain Watters & Associates Financial Planner Bill Harrigan says his orthodontic, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry clients are especially busy in June, July and August. General practices have traditionally seen an upswing in activity during the summer months, too.The main reason running a dental practice is about to get more challenging: the summer break for school children.

“Most kids are out of school, and it’s easier for parents to schedule appointments,”

Harrigan said.

“For orthodontics, getting fitted during the summer gives the child some time to get used to braces before having to go back to school in the fall.”

Time to get Proactive and be Prepared

During the summer, adult patients may have more flexibility in their personal schedules, making it easier to schedule the extra time needed for oral surgery procedures. Regardless of your practice specialty, getting ready this month can make a big difference in dental office management to guide your staff through the months ahead.

When it comes to managing staff through the busy season, Harrigan recommends these tips to his clients:

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