Where does NASA meet Dentistry?

Headshot Photo of Dentist - Dr. David J. Ahearn

Dr. David J. Ahearn

A full-time practicing dentist, Dr. Ahearn consulted with ergonomists from NASA and industry, and with engineering consultants from universities such as M.I.T. and R.I.S.D., to create a comprehensive analysis of dental operator performance and health.

The founder of Design/Ergonomics, the nation’s largest independent dental office design firm, as well as Ergonomic-Products, a manufacturer of high-productivity, ergonomically sound dental equipment will visit Pennsylvania as a keynote speaker May 11 and 12.

Dr. Ahearn’s destination: dentistry’s leading office design program, The CenterPoint Experience, in Pittston, Pennsylvania.  At the first of three design showrooms of the nation’s largest privately owned dental distribution company, Benco Dental, Dr. Ahearn will speak to attendees on cost-effective office design.

Topics will include:

  • a dozen projects that will make your office a fun, easy and productive place to work.
  • 17 principles of an attractive, comfortable and highly productive office
  • a clear outline of objectives for your new or improved practice design

Attendees will earn more than seven CE credits.

Dr. Ahearn is a true boss player in the game

Trained in prosthetics at the University of Michigan, Dr. Ahearn, like many of us, struggled to reconcile his desire for the highest quality possible with the requirements for practice success. His discovery of the principles found in the Toyota Production System in the early 90’s – and his subsequent application of them to dentistry – began a quality and productivity revolution that is at the heart of his design work.

Dr. Ahearn has held faculty positions at both the University of Michigan and NYU’s College of Dentistry, and was a founding member of the ADA’s Ergonomics Subcommittee. He is a frequent lecturer and contributor to numerous dental publications, including multiple chapters  in the ADA’s current Practical Guide to Dental Office Design.

Additional Details

For details about upcoming dates for dentistry’s leading office design program hosted by Benco Dental at CenterPoint Dallas in Dallas Texas (July 20, 21 and October 26, 27) and at  CenterPoint West in Costa Mesa, California (August 17 and 18), call 1800.GOBENCO.

Learn more at https://www.benco.com/services/design-and-architecture/

Example images of Dental Design Services offered by Benco Dental at https://www.benco.com