‘Tis the season, finally, for leaving the indoors and getting in motion.

Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine contributor Ariel Adams (editor of aBlogtoWatch) offers his take on four “luxury sports” watches that will keep you in perfect time out there.

Spring has sprung, which means you ought to spring yourself as well – out of your operatories, that is, and into the great outdoors for some physical activity that’ll help sweep away winter’s inevitable cobwebs.

Stylish doctors for whom a Fitbit just isn’t sufficiently posh, however, can rejoice: “luxury sports” watches have become the most popular category of high-end timepieces, and it’s not hard to figure out why. They suggest the active lifestyle you lead yet are swank enough whether you’re chairside, out to dinner or 25 feet up a climbing wall.

Adams, who has written about fine timepieces for Centurion, Haute Living discusses a quartet – two men’s, two women’s – will help you look great across all types of activity, this season and beyond.

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