Anutra offers an option that aims to create a better patient experience while increasing the efficiency of a practitioner.

How does it work? Anutra leverages the science of buffering – its creators have set out to “revolutionize the delivery of local anesthetics by utilizing science and innovation.” 

Founder of Anutra Medical, which neutralizes and delivers dental anesthesia, is Daniel Davidian, DDS.  Dr. Davidian graduated from UNC School of Dentistry and has completed additional training in Advanced Life Support Skills at UNC and received his sedation training with the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

Earning a 2017 Dental Advisor Editors’ Choice Award, Antura delivers predictability. According to, buffering can elevate the depth of anesthesia, which increases the likelihood of patients getting numb the first time.

A few benefits:

  • With a small footprint, Anutra Dispenser allows measurement of precise doses of buffered anesthetic with each twist of a knob.
  • Anutra Syringe allows multiple doses of buffered or unbuffered anesthetic. An ergonomic, lightweight design easily allows one-handed aspiration and simplicity.
  • Sodium bicarbonate and lidocaine with epinephrine can be attached to Anutra Cassette® for up to seven days, which eliminates waste.
  • Anutra Cassette minimizes complications and prevents human error. Advanced uni-flow technology maintains a sterile path of buffered anesthetic into the syringe. A 0.2 micron hydrophobic air filter prevents airborne contaminants from entering the anesthetic.  Each cassette allows delivery of 50 mL of anesthetic, rather than the conventional 1.8 mL carpule.

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