Why wait until April 22 to celebrate and protect your environment. Start today to make small shifts at your dental practice, including creating awareness among your patients.

When Earth Day arrives 19 days from now, you’ll already feel like you’ve contributed to preserving the planet.

  • Self-audit your practice’s sustainability:

Look at what you waste, suggests Dr. Benjamin Farrow at Monroe Family Dentistry in Madison, Wisconsin. There he incorporated subtle environmentally-friendly aspects through the space: sustainable flooring, recycled carpet, low-toxin adhesives and paints, plus reclaimed pillars, doors and furniture. (Even the practice’s toothbrushes are made from recycled yogurt containers.)
Read more about his efforts and how you can get started at your practice: https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/884087ef#/884087ef/22

  • Incorporate more products that help protect and preserve the environment.

BeeSure USA incorporates recycled materials and natural components in products and packaging. Through its Beegreener initiatives, BeeSure gives back to several associations to help protect and preserve our natural resources.

Check out BeeSure’s new video: