170113_IncisalEdge_20Dr. Alexandra S. George wanted to stress cozy relaxation as much as functionality when she built her new practice. She succeeded — all the way down to the freshly baked cookies.

She’s quick to point out the virtues of her relaxation room for pain patients: “They can unwind sitting in the chaise longue, with heat wraps and soothing music. And the coffee bar. Every morning I come in, put the coffee on and bake the cookies.”

Dr. George, who practices in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wexford, Pennsylvania, knows such things matter. One of the small number of dentists to have earned the Fellow distinction from the renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, she specializes in neuromuscular dentistry, treating patients with a variety of ailments including TMJ.

Be inspired by the soothing vibe of the entire practice, from the the skylights to the color scheme, for which Dr. George credits interior designer Jessica lsgan, of Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Design team: https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/cdda97aa#/cdda97aa/72


“I like to open my windows and hear the outside, the lawnmower, the cars going by,” she says. “Especially for my pain patients, I needed that relaxed atmosphere,” Dr. Alexandra S. George tells Incisal Edge magazine.