Dr. Jeffrey S. Keeny’s dental practice is situated north of Balboa Park in the heart of the Hillcrest community, not far from downtown San Diego.

Annamarie Baiza, RDA, (shown with Dr. Keeny and Dr. Paul J. Martin) said that the Painless Mobile web app allows accessibility for Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.40.05.pngordering dental supplies from any location.

“This app is my best friend for work, it’s my go-to. Even when I’m away from the office, I can just plug orders in,” says Annamarie, who has been part of Dr. Keeny’s dental team for 19 years.

Benco Dental customer since 2012, Annamarie made the switch to the distributor’s Painless Mobile app for ordering three years ago.

Not that everyone wants to think about dental supplies in their downtime, but when she needs to, this dedicated San Diego dental assistant makes the process, well, Painless.

“I use my personal phone, which helps when I’m on vacation.  It’s easy for the staff to text me from the office, and I can look up items quickly.”

Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.34.42At the office, Annamarie, who has little down time for administrative work, says she appreciates the App for its time-saving options and ease of use.

“I love the features that let you scan the barcodes, and display previously purchased items.” 

She refers to the feature created to assist in the search functionality: a barcode scanner available for compatible devices.

Learn more about the Painless Mobile app from Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor at:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/benco-dental/id450545242?mt=8

Learn more about Jeffrey S. Keeny, DDS, 1807 Robinson Avenue, San Diego, CA: https://www.drkeeny.com/OurServices/tabid/357/Default.aspx